Mushroom Defense™

mushroom defense

 Mushroom Defense helps boost your immune system. It’s a powerful blend of 10 mushroom mycelium and fruit bodies that help strengthen immune function and rapid response at the cellular level – a ‘Best Of’ formula that packs the ancient wisdom of natural wellness with the science that shows the positive impact these mushrooms have on your health!
👉Boosts Immune Function
👉Stimulates Rapid Defense Response
👉Provides Powerful Antioxidants
👉Helps Focus and Mental Clarity
👉Increases Energy
👉Promotes Overall Well-Being
Why Mushrooms Boost Health

A little trivia about mushrooms and their impact on health:

There Are About 38,000 Known Species of Mushrooms

About 270 Of Them Have Immense Health-Boosting Potential

Mushrooms Are Packed With Vitamins, Alkaloids, Flavonoids and Phenolic Compounds

They Help Neutralize Free Radicals Which Helps With Health and Longevity

Research Shows Mushrooms Are More Similar to Humans Than Plants


An All-Star Mushroom Formula For Health & Immune Function

It's not a coincidence that folks who eat more mushrooms seem to have better health.

Numerous studies show us that mushrooms hold immense power for their immune-boosting properties – a power you can tap with Mushroom Defense™, which packs 10 mushroom mycelium and fruit bodies that stimulate rapid response against toxins and ailments.

Are you a busy mother and you can't afford sick days? Mushroom Defense™ is magic. A small business owner with no days off? A little Mushroom Defense™ goes a long way.

Chooseyour reason, the answer is the same. You want (and need!) to stay healthy. Mushroom Defense™ can help enhance your immune function, mental clarity and take your overall health to a higher level.

Mushroom Packs A Wallop of Immune-Boosting Wellness

Cordyceps Sinensis Powder (Mycelium)

Cordyceps is a rare mushroom with a dramatic origin. It's the result of a parasitic cycle, in which it lives in the body of a caterpillar and gradually replace its tissue with long and slender stems. Used for centuries, modern science confirms its many immune-boosting benefits.

Supercharges NK Cells

Helps the Body Use Antioxidants

Assists With Blood Sugar Health

Helps Blood Flow and Assists With Endurance

Boosts Energy

Promotes Better Cholesterol Health

Helps Lower Inflammation


mushroom defense

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