Urinary Tract Support

Advanced Support for Urinary Health

VitaPost Urinary Tract Support provides effective support for urinary and immune system health that is backed by science.

3 Reasons Why Women Love Urinary Tract Support

Each of the three ingredients have clinical studies that show their benefits for a healthy urinary tract.

1. Pacran® helps maintain long-term urinary tract health 

2. PreforPro® supports a healthy bacterial-biome balance

3. DE111® provides resilient, beneficial probiotic bacteria

Whole Cranberry Goodness

Pacran® is a natural, whole-cranberry product made from North American cranberries (Vaccinium
macrocarpon). Pacran® uses a patent-protected, proprietary extraction method to retain the goodness in these valuable fruits. While A-PACs (A-type proanthocyanidins) are the star compounds in cranberries, they also contain vitamins A, C and K, quercetin, myricetin, potassium and calcium. Pacran® is well-supported by academic studies at this dose for the support of urinary tract health.

The Future of Prebiotics

Traditional, fiber-based prebiotics are associated with bloating and gas. PreforPro® represents the next step in prebiotic technology. PreforPro® is a carefully chosen blend of bacteriophages that attack the cell walls of some bad bacteria, leaving good bacteria to live happily. The dose of PreforPro® in VitaPost Urinary Tract Support has been shown to effectively reduce E. Coli in the gut, along with other benefits.

One Special Probiotic

DE111® can support normal, healthy digestion while inhibiting several strains of pathogenic bacteria. It has also been associated with lower body fat in training female athletes.

DE111® is super resilient in supplements, and can form almost-indestructible spores that can ensure its beneficial survival. B. subtilis can even produce more than 20 types of antibiotic to fight against other microorganisms.

The Science

VitaPost Urinary Tract Support provides active support for urinary and immune system health.

Don’t Let It Take Hold


Pacran® provides potent, standardized A-type proanthocyanidins (A-PACs). Multiple studies have
demonstrated that cranberry A-PACs can help maintain a healthy urinary tract. Researchers’ best explanation is that A-PACs can prevent some harmful bacteria attaching to the body.

Tough Friends

Probiotics have well-known benefits for the immune system, and support a healthy balance of the natural beneficial, neutral, and pathogenic bacteria. What’s special about the DE111® strain in VitaPost Urinary Tract Support is that it’s incredibly resilient, and has the ability to produce basically invulnerable spores that ensure its long-term survival. Other benefits of DE111® include supporting digestion and digestive health.

Active Apparata

The PreforPro® in VitaPost Urinary Tract Support is a uniquely active prebiotic that uses four strains of ‘bacteriophage’ that can destroy certain types of pathogenic (bad) bacteria, including E. Coli. PreforPro® has been shown to be both safe as a dietary supplement and beneficial to the gut microbiota (the balance of good and bad bacteria). Prebiotics in general offer a new and exciting approach to the support of digestive, immune system and general health.

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Some of the ingredients in VitaPost Urinary Tract Support are very popular in the health and science media:

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